Thursday, September 9, 2010

Growing up Chueh!

growing up with luke as my older brother was pretty fucking awesome!

just kidding.

growing up with luke as my older brother was like growing up with anyone for your older brother: he was always right. he was bossy and told me what to do, even though i would clearly tell him that he was "not the boss of me." but, all that aside, luke was pretty awesome and generous as well, and as a kid i would always look at his doodles and attempt to copy them and try to make the kids in my class think i was awesome at drawing.

i think you all are bright enough to know where this is going.... a collaboration between me and luke:

actually, this collaboration is luke testing out a "template" sketch project. the idea being, luke provides a template:

and YOU fill it in however you see fit. whaddya think?
"Smuggles" the name of our collaboration was a true collaboration. He sketched out the bear form, and I started with putting in little things here and there like glasses, a sweater, and a pipe. Then Luke started filling it out some more. And then I added the New Yorker, because what else would Smuggles read?

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