Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It All Starts Somewhere

This is the first sketch I'm posting, and I feel like it's the best one to start off. It's the baby fetal nugget of how this has all come into being.

From what I've gathered from spending time with artists and watching my brother - people tend to come up and ask for a sketch. it's sort of the equivalent of asking a famous actor/personality to "say that line [that made them famous]".... but a lot harder. I don't know about you, but if someone approached me for a sketch, I would probably spend the first 3 minutes pondering what I would draw and then the following 30 minutes trying to make it happen. It's not necessarily easy.

With Comicon and the coming release of Luke's toy "Black in White," there was going to be about 6-plus hours of sitting in booths, meeting people who dig his work and would like a sketch or something on their toy or sketchbooks, etc. So, to take a little pressure off of himself, Luke brought his own sketchbook for a sketch from the folks that wanted a sketch from him. (ha! try saying that fast 3 times!)

If any of you happened to receive a sketch from him and he did a sketch for you, I'd love to be able to post it here!

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