Tuesday, September 21, 2010

let's give it up for colorful pens!

here are some more scans from the sketches done for Luke at comicon..... coming up, october 2nd, luke will be signing at Munky King for the release of "Black in White with Red all-over." be prepared for more sketch4asketch action, and if you happen to have sketches from luke that you would like to have thrown up on this blog, please leave a comment on here and i will contact you directly!

follow up

here is the sketch that Luke had done for Kameron (see the previous blog).....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

BOXFX - Super Cooper's 11th Birthday Celebration

this was a sketch that this girl named cameron did for luke.... awesome.

SDCC Part Deux! The Curse of Curly's Gold

more sketches from Comicon '10.
these images all made me smile this morning when i was having a cup of joe and getting ready to take on the day!

this pic made me laugh, i think it's the words "Free Hugs" that got to me.... hugs are never free folks. they always come with a price.

this one was just good! i'm not sure what i like best, the mustache or the bandana....

and i posted this one cuz i think it kind of looks like me.... lol. :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2010 Part 1

Here's my first handful of Sketch 4 A Sketch pieces I've collected.
Most of these were collected from this years San Diego ComicCon International.
The sketches I'm featuring are generally images that caught my eye and maybe feature some sort of element that tickles my fancy. I think it should be noted that most of the sketches featured are NOT created by professional artists.
Anyways, a whole lot more will be coming soon.
Also, if you happen to be the author of one of these sketches, please let me know, and I'd love to give you credit for the piece, and if possible, I'd love it even more if you could photograph or scan in the piece I created for you so we can show them side by side or something.

Luke Chueh

Friday, September 10, 2010


Hello, this is Luke Chueh, finally making a contribution to the Sketch 4A Sketch blog.
Nothing to exciting, just a picture I dug up from this years San Diego Comic Con where you can see the Sketch 4 A Sketch concept in action.
I also wanted to thank Kim for taking the time to curate this project, and I look forward to be sharing all kinds of fun images in the future.
Also, like Kim asked, if you have any sketches that I created of which you contributed to the Sketch 4 A Sketch book for, please send me down a jpg or whatever of the image. We'd love to feature it here along side your contribution.

Thanks for your support!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Growing up Chueh!

growing up with luke as my older brother was pretty fucking awesome!

just kidding.

growing up with luke as my older brother was like growing up with anyone for your older brother: he was always right. he was bossy and told me what to do, even though i would clearly tell him that he was "not the boss of me." but, all that aside, luke was pretty awesome and generous as well, and as a kid i would always look at his doodles and attempt to copy them and try to make the kids in my class think i was awesome at drawing.

i think you all are bright enough to know where this is going.... a collaboration between me and luke:

actually, this collaboration is luke testing out a "template" sketch project. the idea being, luke provides a template:

and YOU fill it in however you see fit. whaddya think?
"Smuggles" the name of our collaboration was a true collaboration. He sketched out the bear form, and I started with putting in little things here and there like glasses, a sweater, and a pipe. Then Luke started filling it out some more. And then I added the New Yorker, because what else would Smuggles read?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It All Starts Somewhere

This is the first sketch I'm posting, and I feel like it's the best one to start off. It's the baby fetal nugget of how this has all come into being.

From what I've gathered from spending time with artists and watching my brother - people tend to come up and ask for a sketch. it's sort of the equivalent of asking a famous actor/personality to "say that line [that made them famous]".... but a lot harder. I don't know about you, but if someone approached me for a sketch, I would probably spend the first 3 minutes pondering what I would draw and then the following 30 minutes trying to make it happen. It's not necessarily easy.

With Comicon and the coming release of Luke's toy "Black in White," there was going to be about 6-plus hours of sitting in booths, meeting people who dig his work and would like a sketch or something on their toy or sketchbooks, etc. So, to take a little pressure off of himself, Luke brought his own sketchbook for a sketch from the folks that wanted a sketch from him. (ha! try saying that fast 3 times!)

If any of you happened to receive a sketch from him and he did a sketch for you, I'd love to be able to post it here!